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The value of our partner's luxury items grew, on average, 20% per year*

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20% avg. historical appreciation rate*
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Why Konvi

1. High YoY growth

1. High YoY growth

The assets purchased and sold by Konvi's partners had a higher average appreciation rate than other asset classes. On average, these watches have doubled in value over a five year period!

20% average growth per year*

2. Diversification

2007201020132016€100€200€300DAXS&P500Rolex Submariner
2007201020132016€100€200€300Rolex SubmarinerS&P500DAX

2. Diversification

Physical assets, such as the Rolex Submariner timepiece demonstrated strong positive returns even in times of crisis.

Non-speculative resale value*
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How it works

Through partnerships with world-leading luxury funds, Konvi scouts the market for luxury items with high potential to appreciate in value*. Thanks to our partner funds, we are able to access these items at the best price. Konvi takes a 5% scouting fee for finding these items and co-ordinating all financial transactions.
You and all future co-owners put down capital to purchase your chosen asset. Once the item's funding target is achieved, you will receive an official notice through the Konvi app. The item will then be purchased, and the appreciation period will begin.
Hold and earn
Konvi makes sure all crowdfunded luxury items are securely stored for the agreed upon term. In the future, we will also display these crowdfunded items in exhibitions. You will benefit from all profits through the distribution of dividends.
Cash out
Within 6 months after the appreciation period, Konvi and its partners will sell the crowdfunded luxury asset through the wide network of collectors. With the help of market experts, Konvi will find the best price on the market at that time to ensure the highest possible returns to our community.
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What our community thinks

Rico Z.
Jan 2021, Germany
“Konvi is a great platform to diversify into new asset classes beyond all the mainstream ones. I love that the app is super easy to use and I can learn about luxury assets which have previously not been on my radar.”
Cosmin P.
Dec 2020, Romania
“I have been collecting watches for a long time, and I know how much of a profitable asset they can be. Konvi is a great platform, not only due to their trusted partners but also because they make diversification through luxury items possible.”
Boris S.
Feb 2021, Germany
“I was already holding mainstream asset classes such as Equities and Real Estate before, but so far I wasn’t aware that crowdfunding luxury assets could compete with those. It’s a fascinating industry and Konvi allows private individuals to be part of it!”

Travel back in time

Wealthy individuals purchased luxury watches through our partners, with average returns of 20% pa over the past decade.*

Had you purchased this amount of shares 5 years ago, you‘d have made
1,741 €
74.1% net profit at its sale
Based on real data from The WatchFund.

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