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About Konvi

What is Konvi?

Konvi is a platform that allows you to partially own rare, high-end luxury items. We, together with our very carefully selected partners, identify and source the rarest luxury items below market value, with average yearly historical appreciation of 20%*. You can partially own these items starting with only 250€. We are letting each item appreciate for a set amount of years, then sell it to collectors. After releasing our secondary market, we plan to allow everyone to sell their share prior to the end of the appreciation period while others who missed a funding period will be able to purchase shares later on.

What kind of assets does Konvi offer?

We are offering access to rare luxury items with chances of high appreciation and returns. Starting off, we offer high-end luxury watches, valued at least €200,000. Our reputable partner fund, the WatchFund, has sourced watches with average historical appreciation of 20% per annum.

Over time we will expand to other luxury categories such as art, wine, handbags, cars and other collectibles. Subscribe to waiting lists through our app and get notified!

How are the items on Konvi selected?

We factor rarity, originality, value, brand significance and additional data-driven factors into every decision we make to acquire assets. We purchase items meeting one or more of the following factors:

  • Queue cutting: purchasing of items before they hit the market.
  • Extreme limited edition: pieces only VVIP’s can access, therefore money can’t buy them.
  • Provenance pieces: worn by royalty or historical figures, e.g. Napoleon's carriage clock made by Breguet.
  • Price advantage: purchases under retail value that are guaranteed to increase in value straight away.

Why should I use Konvi?

To diversify your portfolio, one should allocate money into different asset classes. Firstly, here are some alternatives:

  • Deposits: At the bank you may get offered 1% yearly interest. With €1000, you'll have next year €1010. But taking inflation into account, you lost more than the €10 you earned, because everything is more expensive than a year ago.
  • Stocks: A popular strategy is long-term investing in index funds. However, companies are affected by the economy. And this is when you can see ups and downs of 30% in just one year.
  • Cryptocurrencies: They can be a bet, as part of one's strategy, but huge volatility is expected. What happens when urgently needing cash at a downturn?

Konvi has discovered that physical assets historically have low volatility. This is due to brands cutting supply when there's less demand, to align with their marketing strategy of selling scarce, luxury goods. While money is being printed and the value of stocks remains speculative, the value of physical luxury items is driven by demand, which brands fight to keep up.

Who’s behind Konvi?

We (Eran, Ioana & Lena) are three investment enthusiasts who have experience working with financial systems at large corporations. After following the luxury collectibles market, and experiencing lower appreciation of our assets than Konvi’s partners are offering, we decided to bring rare, luxury assets to everyone. We set out to leverage our experience in startup strategy, software and product development to democratize the luxury market by lowering the minimum entry barriers from ~€250,000 to an amount as low as 250€.

I can buy a collectible watch myself. Why should I use Konvi?

99.9% of watches are not investment grade, meaning it's extremely hard to find a watch that you'd be able to sell at a profit after wearing it. Konvi's model works because our partner, The Watch Fund, is able to source the most exclusive and inacessible pieces under retail price, costing €200,000-€500,000, using their connection to the industry. To find out why you should not to consider your watches investments, until you are ready to sell them, check out the following magazine article.

How does Konvi work?

We work with partner funds to acquire rare collectible assets at a price lower than their market value. We predict the chosen assets will increase in value over time due to the nature of their rarity, brand validation and collectors' express of interest. We work with experts with decades of experience in watch investment. For example, The Watch Fund is already managing millions in assets and has never managed a portfolio that depreciated. We believe asset curation driven by experts is more effective than by passion, emotions and limited brand knowledge.

To express your interest, you will make an initial payment to Konvi, totaling 5% of the total share amount. To complete your order through Konvi, you will become a shareholder in a SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle), whose purpose is owning, managing and selling an asset. The percentage of your shareholding in the company will be reflected by the size of each order. You can find the documents of each SPV by accessing an open investment inside the Konvi app.

If there are profits while the asset is managed, the shareholders may be eligible to receive parts of the profits as dividends. When available, the entitled amount is 70% the net profits of the company you partly own.

Crowdfunding on Konvi

What is crowd-ownership?

Crowd-ownership is the practice of purchasing a physical or digital asset with capital coming from a large number of people. This way of raising capital has been established for the funding of companies worldwide, and also allows anyone to diversify their financial portfolio with physical assets such as luxury watches or real estate.

How do I exactly own luxury items through Konvi?

Konvi will not own the luxury assets you crowdfund. You will become truly a partial owner! We legalise asset ownership by creating a company whose whole purpose is owning one item. When you purchase ownership in an asset, you become a shareholder in a newly created legal entity that buys, owns and sells one specific asset. This implies the liability of the company you own a stake in is not linked to the liability of Konvi or its partner funds. You can access the legal documents in the legal section of each luxury asset inside the Konvi app.

When do I receive returns through Konvi?

  • Our assets have different appreciation periods, ranging from 2 to 10 years. At the end of the appreciation period, we are required to sell the asset within 6 months (aka inventory liquidation). The income is then distributed to all shareholders accordingly, and the amount will be available into their internal account balances.
  • We are planning to offer the opportunity of selling shares early on the secondary market, to benefit from higher liquidity. Each asset will have open trading windows, at least twice a year per crowdfunded luxury asset. Shareholders will be notified in advance of future trading windows.

How much does it cost to crowdfund a luxury item with Konvi?

  • We work hard to scour the market and purchase items under market value, and we charge a 5% fee for this service. However, it's likely the item will appreciate more than 5% out of the box, as the items are generally purchased under reatil price.
  • During the asset holding period, Konvi charges 0 management fees.
  • After the liquidation (sale) of the asset, Konvi charges a 10% performance (profit margin) fee. This implies that if you don’t make money, we don’t either. We rely on the performance fee to cover our costs, therefore it’s in our interest to find assets with a high appreciation rate.

Will I receive any monthly statements or end of year tax documents?

Yes, but only when necessary for your reporting purposes. As a shareholder, you will be notified when we will file or receive documents.

What is the data behind the advertised 20% appreciation?

Our partner, The WatchFund, is trusted by many wealthy investors and is managing millions in assets currently. Their average historical appreciation is of 20%, and their worst portfolio they mananaged appreciated by 11% over the period of one year. Through Konvi, you can benefit of our partners' ability of sourcing the most exclusive timepieces, and with a low entry barrier of only €250.

Is Konvi risky?

Even though we aim to partner with funds that yield high returns, crowd-ownership of luxury assets carries risks. The value of your assets can fluctuate—in both directions. Past performance does not guarantee future returns. For more information, we recommend you research further our partner, The Watch Fund, and their past performance.

On the primary market, there is no guarantee the item is sold at the predicted price - it can be both higher or lower. On the secondary market, and there’s no guarantee that there will be a buyer offering your desired price when you want to sell. For more detailed information on possible risks please refer to our risk notice.

Why do I not know in advance which watch model I am crowdfunding?

To find the best watches that will return the highest appreciation due to their scarcity, we partner with The WatchFund. The WatchFund is highly known internationally for their great track record and expertise in finding and selling the most exclusive and scarce watches. Yet, against common wisdom, it is not the watches that everyone thinks about that appreciate the most. Instead, the scarce, limited edition watches (e.g. produced in 10 pieces) by exclusive brands are the ones which raise exponentially in value because watch collectors would pay a fortune to be able to own such an exclusive timepiece.

Using Konvi

How do Pre-Orders of shares work?

If you reserve your shares prior to the official opening of a new funding round, you will not have to commit to any payment at that stage. In fact, reserving shares will allow you to receive a "priority access right" to the funding item as soon as the funding opens, which means de facto that we will hold back the amount you reserved for any other investors for 14 days. Thus, you will have 14 days to finalise your reservation with no risk of the item being fully funded and you miss out your opportunity.

How do I pay for my order?

The payment is finalised in two steps:

  • Pre-orders: You will pay 5% of your stake through a secure payment gateway when you express your interest and commitment in investing in us. We accept VISA, Mastercard and American Express.
  • Share allocation: After agreeing to become a shareholder, you will transfer the other 95% via wire into your account balance. The 95% will be wired directly in the company you own stake in, as a binding agreement of your ownership. Therefore, no one can dispute your ownership amount into the legal entity created to determine partial ownership over your asset.

How can I make money on Konvi?

  • When you purchase shares on Konvi you acquire an ownership stake in a mini-company that owns and operates a specific asset. If its value rises, so should the value of your shares. At the end of the appreciation period, the item will be sold, and the money will become available in your internal account balance.
  • If the legal entity you are part owner of earns more money than it costs to operate, you will get paid in dividends.
  • Our secondary market is still in development, but it will allow to sell your shares early. You'll be able to place an order during a trading window, and the price will be matched with potential buyers' offers.

How can I get notified of future crowdfunding rounds?

There are two options:

  • If you'd like to get notified about all general future developments, you can sign up to our newsletter, through our magazine.
  • For signing up to detailed, specific future crowdfunding offerings, log in into the konvi app, select the asset in the "Coming soon" section that you'd like to be notified about, and then click "Join Waiting List".

Who is allowed to use the Konvi platform?

Any person, 18 years or older, who has an address based in EEA (European Economic Area) can crowd-own assets on Konvi’s platform.

I forgot which social login I used. How can I use my account?

If you know under each email your social login is, you can always log in via email, and it will connect to the same account. Your account will then be connected through both your social account and your email.

If you'd like your account to be connected to another email, feel free to contact our support - we're happy to assist you. Just email us at, and we will sort it out.

Privacy & Security

How can I be sure that my personal Information is secure?

As a financial platform that sells regulated securities, we are required to collect and occasionally store information of our users. For information security, we hold ourselves to GDPR (EU regulation) standards. Highly sensitive information, such as your card information or ID copy are never stored on our servers. They are directly sent to our refulated payment provider or the government entity. For further information, please review our Privacy Policy.

How do you protect my data and privacy?

To finalize a crowdfunding, you are legally required to provide extra information. The collection and use of your personal data exclusively takes place within the limits of statutory provisions and in consideration of the current European data protection laws (GDPR).

You will then become a shareholder of an SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle). The government requires information such as name, address and proof of address, nationality, which are held securely and not shared with the public.

Are the assets offered on Konvi stored and maintained securely?

The partnering fund purchasing an item is responsible for safe storage and maintenance. Their decades of experience in investment grade watches assure optimal storage conditions. For example, The Watch Fund is currently storing millions worth of watches, waiting to appreciate. They understand that proper storage is critical to growing long-term value. Since we make money only when you do, it’s in our best interest to manage the assets under the highest standards.

Is Konvi safe?

The Konvi team knows its strengths and weaknesses. We have all purchased assets with positive returns, but we believe industry experts churn the best results. Therefore, we partnered with The Watch Fund. With decades of experience in watch purchases and sales, and a track record of these watches returning 20% average profits per annum, they are trusted by their customers to manage millions in assets.

We provide all the tools to define asset ownership at the government level, which cannot be denied. In the worst case scenario, even if both Konvi and the partnering fund become insolvent, the public entity you partially own still owns a physical item, which cannot be acquired by either Konvi or the partnering fund.

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