About Konvi

How it all started

Konvi was born out of a passion for luxury collectibles and investing. Realising the investment value of luxury assets, such as the Hermès Birkin bag, which has consistently outperformed other asset classes in the past years, the question arose why these investment types are not yet available to the broader population.

Only the wealthy could access these items before because: entry ticket prices are just too high, and the production is in such low quantities, making them extremely hard to access. This is why Konvi was born. We constantly connect to industry experts and luxury funds around the world to make these highly lucrative assets accessible to everyone through our Konvi platform.

The Founders

Ioana Surdu-Bob
Co-Founder, CEO
Konvi allows me combine my passion for luxury with my personal mission to help others achieve financial independence. Democratizing asset classes that were previously only available to the wealthy is what drove me to make Konvi happen.
Eran Peer
Co-Founder, CTO
I love Konvi because it allows me to leverage my experience growing engineering teams for startups of all stages towards democratizing access to the luxury industry. I truly believe we have the ability to change this market for the better.
Lena Sonnen
Co-Founder, CMO
I was shocked when I realised how much money wealthy people earn just by being able to access financial strategies that normal people can't. Since then I am strongly driven by our vision to democratise the access to luxury assets.

Our Partners

We are partnering with the world’s leading luxury funds to identify, source, manage and sell luxury assets with high appreciation potential for the Konvi community. These partners have not only a strong expertise in the field which allows them to access and invest in these exclusive, rare items, but they also enjoy a very impressive track record. Read more about how assets are curated in our FAQ.
For example, The Watch Fund, our partner for exclusive luxury watches, is well-known by high-net-worth individuals who invest directly through them due to their strong track record of 20% average appreciation rate per annum.

Can you buy directly through our partners?

Yes, you can. Yet, given they offer purchasing one luxury item at a time, the minimum entry barriers are much higher. For example, The WatchFund allows portfolios starting from $ 250,000. Thus, they are exclusively reserved to wealthy individuals.
We at Konvi want to ensure that everyone has the option to diversify their portfolio through luxury assets. Therefore, if you cannot afford buying an asset priced $250,000+, Konvi is here to help!

What our community thinks

Rico Z.
Jan 2021, Germany
“Konvi is a great platform to diversify into new asset classes beyond all the mainstream ones. I love that the app is super easy to use and I can learn about luxury assets which have previously not been on my radar.”
Cosmin P.
Dec 2020, Romania
“I have been collecting watches for a long time, and I know how much of a profitable asset they can be. Konvi is a great platform, not only due to their trusted partners but also because they make diversification through luxury items possible.”
Boris S.
Feb 2021, Germany
“I was already holding mainstream asset classes such as Equities and Real Estate before, but so far I wasn’t aware that crowdfunding luxury assets could compete with those. It’s a fascinating industry and Konvi allows private individuals to be part of it!”