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5 Konvi values that guide us on our mission

Lena Sonnen


We at Konvi are driven by equal opportunity building for everyone. Our mission is to democratise the luxury assets market and allow everyone to own a stake in luxury assets with high value appreciation potential. Thereby, we live and work by 5 distinct values that shape our culture and business partnerships:

fairness and equality

Embrace Fairness and Equality

We live democratisation instead of just using it as a fancy term. We empower everyone to be able to own stakes in high-end luxury items prone to appreciate and diversify their portfolios with assets that were previously only reserved to the elite. Thereby, we empower crowds to break these traditional barriers together with Konvi. Internally, our teams also always strive for fairness and integrity.

move fast

Move Fast

We believe in moving fast and rather fail to realise opportunities instead of moving slowly and missing great shots. We have a learning mindset and embrace data-driven decision making to learn as much as possible in a short amount of time.


Focus on Impact

At Konvi, we want to ensure that our work is as impactful as possible, thereby we focus on big challenges instead of small issues to bring the highest value for our community. Everyone at Konvi is self-driven and strives for taking ownership for anything they take on - nothing here is someone else’s problem.


Passion in all we do

We at Konvi are all highly-motivated and passionate individuals who embrace diversity and unite in the passion for democratisation of restricted asset classes. Our passion for progress motivates everyone to do their best everyday and allows our small team to deliver the same results of teams 10x the size of ours.


Serve our Community

We highly value our community and pursue the mission to truly democratise a new alternative asset class for the broader population. Thereby, community feedback and ideas are our driver forward and guide our actions. In addition, we care about our planet, this is why we already find ways to become carbon-neutral from the very beginning.

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