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The WatchFund by Dominic Khoo collaborates with Konvi

Lena Sonnen

Dominic Khoo

Watch lovers and passionated watch collectors know him - the famous watch expert and only certified watch specialist from Southeast Asia Dominic Khoo. As the founder of the renowned The WatchFund, Khoo gives wealthy people the chance to invest in rare, limited-edition watches at discounts up to 50% compared to their retail prices. Affluent people can invest with him from minimum investment amounts of 250,000€. This unique concept brings investors in The WatchFund not only the joy of accessing these rare timepieces but also at least double-digit returns since the fund’s creation in 2013.

Who invests with The WatchFund?

Typical investors investing in The WatchFund are usually not real watch enthusiasts. That is according to Khoo the key to their ability to make money from watch investments. Collectors fall in love with their watches, so they are not open to sell their pieces and realize their returns. In contrast, watch investors are focused mainly on the returns on their investment. This is the crucial difference between collectors and investors. The WatchFund has a network of more than 9,000 watch collectors who buy directly from the investors. Due to the high entry investments with The WatchFund of minimum 250,000€, the client base is very restricted to very wealthy individuals.

But how does this work?

The WatchFund is able to access super rare, ultra high-end watches at a price lower than the retail price, in some cases at a 50% discount and then sells the watches at profit at the end of a holding period. This is possible due to the scale of how they operate in their business model and, above all, their great network and relationships with Swiss watch manufacturers, watch brands and auction houses. Khoo’s expertise is also priceless when it comes to selecting the watches that will be chosen for investment purposes. As he states there are only two types of watches that allow investors to generate returns: 1) those that “money cannot buy” because the access is extremely restricted to VIPs and 2) those that are investment grade watches and that the WatchFund is able to access at a price that other people cannot.

How does Konvi collaborate with The WatchFund?

Konvi’s mission to democratise the access to rare, high-end luxury investments for the broader population is very much in line with The WatchFund’s business model to allow wealthy individuals to invest in watches that they would not be able to access at the same price, if at all, by themselves. Hence, in our close partnership with The WatchFund, we collaborate to bridge the access to watch investments even further to ordinary retail investors. This allows ordinary retail investors to invest into The WatchFund through a crowdfunding round led by Konvi from as little as 250€ per ticket and to crowd-collect a sum of 250,000€ alongside other retail investors. This crowdfunded sum of 250,000€ will then be invested with The WatchFund through Konvi. After the pre-set appreciation period of usually 5 years, The WatchFund will sell the watch to its collector network and the initial investment plus any potential profits will be returned to all Konvi investors.

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